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Frontend Generalist

About YeshID

YeshID is a seed-stage Identity and Access Management (IAM) company. Our goal is to increase the adoption of decentralized, verifiable credentials. We provide companies with a dead simple way to manage employee authentication, authorization, on and off-boarding, and compliance. At the same time, our solution provides employees with a delightful experience that they can use anytime, anywhere, even after they change companies.

YeshID was founded in August 2022 by Dana Wolf and Alex Vaystikh, funded by an incredible team: Sunil Dhaliwal and the team at Amplify Partners, as well as our remarkable angel investors: Lara Druyan, Dan Hubbard, Tom Daly, David Eckstein, Sean Leach, and Cooley LLP.


Joining YeshID is an opportunity to create something from scratch. Something people will love and depend on for their everyday activities. We iterate rapidly and learn quickly. You will be part of an amazing team of founders, engineers, investors, and advisors passionate about changing the digital identity space, creating a secure product for people to trust with their identity information while having a user experience accessible to anyone, anywhere.

Our engineering team
  • Our founding engineering team works across all aspects of the product: integrations with Service-Providers, Admin Experience, Single Sign-on, and the Identity Wallet.

  • We work against ambitious quarterly goals and weekly sprints to learn and adapt quickly. We expect everyone to act with ownership over what they want to focus on, and they are responsible for collecting user feedback, tests, and tracking.

  • The challenge is creating a highly secure, scalable product that companies literally cannot work without and trust with the secrets of its employees while at the same being incredibly simple to use so that employees will choose to use it everywhere.

What we value
  • Mission-driven. The shared sense of mission binds us and puts the mission ahead of anything else.

  • Communication. Communication is more than being kind, and respectful, assuming the best intentions, and acting with integrity. It is also about being clear and direct and leaving no ambiguity. It is a skill and art we practice and value.

  • Innovate until user experience and security can get no better. Let’s be honest. We don’t usually associate “amazing user experience” with “cyber security.” YeshID believes that a product that manages the entire life cycle of your digital identity has to be synonymous with an amazing user experience.

  • Results. Impact and results that advance the company goals are what matter. Our job titles do not confine us.

We care deeply for each other, but we are not a family, we’re a team. We take pride in setting ambitious goals and creating an environment where you can do your best work.

Read more about values here:

  • Experience as an expert frontend generalist, building sustainable, testable architecture.

  • Can lead the development of a design system.

  • Experience in relevant technologies such as React, Vue, or similar, and Golang, Python, or similar.

  • Strong communication skills, especially written.

  • Bonus if you have started or led a project from scratch.

  • Timezone: GMT -8 to GMT +2. At least three hours of work overlap with GMT -8.


Our salaries are competitive and include equity.

Interview Process
  1. Application. We review your application and experience for alignment with our needs.

  2. Screen (30-minute video call). Learn about your motivation, introduce YeshID and answer questions.

  3. System design (1-hour video call). We ask you to design a system on a digital whiteboard and talk through your plan, evaluation of different options, prioritization of different solutions, and your ability to be successful in the role.

  4. Coding (2-hour video call). We ask you to implement a task, such as one of the common Linux text manipulation programs. You can use whatever language and tools you wish. We ask you to share your screen as we shoulder surf and ask questions. The goal is to evaluate your ability to write maintainable code, how you prioritize different aspects of the development, and how you think through the problems.

  5. Cultural (45-minute video call). Meet our CEO to evaluate how you add to our culture. Ask and answer any questions.

  6. Offer. If everyone is happy, we’ll offer you to join us. We can’t wait!

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